We thought we share a little bit about who we are, mostly so that some of our decisions and stories make sense. It’s not that we think you need to be just like us to do this too. In fact, we don’t expect everyone to have a go. But we’d love you to read our stories, and if you get a little inspired along the way, well then that’s a bonus.

E can sometimes be a contradiction. For all her needs for process and order she just can’t follow a recipe, she has to rebel, even just a little tweak. E carries this through to her adventurous-ness with food, within the confines of her intolerance to wheat and dairy.

G consequently loves it when he can gorge on a fully glutinous pizza. He also makes a mean toasted sandwich. But he didn’t know what orka was until recently. G likes a good debate, which means you be assured we’ve put lots of thought into the rules.

We live the double-income-no-kids fantasy, with our little office jobs and our little Melbourne rental. And as we sip lattes on the weekends, we do take time to appreciate that four kids in the house would make the experience of this project completely different.