We’re not real good at this non wasting business. We’re not. Over the last few months we’ve rode a roller-coaster of goods and bads and are coming up losers. Well that’s how it feels.

We are questioning ourselves, our belief in our ability. We feel we have lost our way on this project. G has begun asking “Are we really committed?” We have doubts. Our habits have not changed in the dramatic fashion we envisioned. The jar does not represent how bad we’ve been.

And then, parallel to this, we’ve become counsel on others food waste habits. It is clear that we have had an impact (albeit small) on others. We have become the rule makers. But we have also become rule breakers.

We’ve broken some pretty big rules. Rules we didn’t even think needed to be noted as rules. These rules were not listed on The Rules page, were never discussed during our design phases, should not have ever even been a thing. But now they are a big thing.

So, we feel that it is only right, that here today we ask for your forgiveness as we lay here our confession.

We are sorry for not putting money in the jar when we said we would. For all the times we did this, because it is easily (easily!) more than several. We are sorry we broke our promise that we would when we had cash on hand. We will be more diligent in noting and paying our debts. We will pay what we owe (or as best we can work out because we didn’t record it anywhere … with overs.)

We are sorry we went away on holiday and didn’t care because it was too much work and we were on holiday. Holidays, we’ve found, are serious food wasting opportunities. This should have been a good learning experience, we could have learnt so much, shared so much. But we didn’t.

Finally, and with the biggest, heaviest heart, we are sorry we took money from the jar and still haven’t paid it back even though we bring it up at least once a week and then don’t do anything about it. I can’t even remember what for but I’m sure it had something to do with eating out.

This week we are going to get cash out and repay our debt. We are going to think about some of the good things we’ve done to be more mindful about our waste these last few months. We’re going to put up a blog piece or two.

We’re going to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and get back to limiting our waste.

E & G