Sometimes in life you’ve just got to make sacrifices. In this story we made two; one that was fairly upsetting and cost us money in the jar, and the other shall we say was a little bit sweeter.

It begins with a cooking calamity … as unfortunately some waste jar stories do.

I am not a baker. I try, but maybe because I can’t follow instructions, or perhaps my years of not eating wheat have put a great hole in my baking skill building and I sometimes think I have the same capability as 18 year old me.  She loved a packet mix too. But every now and then I’ll give it a try. On this particular day I “tried” to make chocolate puddings. Little cupcake shaped, cocoa powder tasting, polenta texture feeling puddings. Not a complete fail, but lets just say we weren’t rushing home to eat them.

The silver lining was the chocolate sauce. Oh the simply delicious chocolate sauce.

With the puddings not being as appetising as we’d hoped, we put them aside and within only a few days (I will say sooner than we expected) little white mouldy cobwebs stretched out inside the container.

Puddings went into the bin. Money went into the jar. Baking fail.

But the sauce was still good, although it wouldn’t live much longer, and with the sounds of the remaining puddings hitting the bottom of the bin still haunting, I wasn’t ready to get my bake back on.

Fortunately in times of trouble, there is always one good friend that will be there: ice-cream.

Oh ice-cream, how I love thee. You never go to waste and you’re always there to help us eat whatever crazy dessert or sauce we have left over. You’re good for frozen and fresh fruit, and near stale sweet biscuits.  We put you in the freezer and there you stay, free of mould, far from used by dates. You are the waste jar project’s friend indeed.


…oh wait, that other sacrifice … we actually didn’t have any ice-cream at the time. So in order to save putting money into the waste jar, we gave money to the supermarket. But we didn’t waste. A small sacrifice for a good win … mostly because it involved ice-cream. mmmm….