It’s funny, this is almost always the first question that people ask when we tell them about our little project, what about a worm farm. Obviously we are not explaining it very well, which is one of the reasons for this site. After the initial reaction and then our further attempts to explain the project we are often met with a blank stare. Maybe this shows people’s approach to waste and maybe how we as a race approach problems in general. Instead of looking at the cause of the waste and ways to limit it, our thoughts go to what to do with the waste once we’ve created it. Even recycling to a certain extent is a problem solution, not a preventative measure.

Maybe E and I are just really, REALLY bad shoppers and the reason we are met with confusion is because people just don’t understand why we have any food leftover at all. Personally I don’t think that we are, I think we all can get caught up in a rush of excitement to try something new, or to eat a bit better which will result in foreign food in the fridge. Or my weakness, that dreaded 2 for 1 deal.

So why aren’t we doing a worm farm. Well for starters, we live in an apartment with a small balcony. Not a lot of room or need for one. There is only so much compost our friends and family can take. Plus, I don’t really want to transport compost around town. Who wants to be know as the crazy compost guy! Another reason is I didn’t think of it, or dissmissed it quickly. E and I are a bit quirky so maybe a worm farm just seemed to boring or obvious or just not us.

But for me the main reason is that the worm farm is an easy out. It doesn’t make you change your actions. It doesn’t give you empathy for others less fortunate. It’s not going to help when we are eating out. The worm farm is great for carrot peel, but it’s not going to make us a more considerate consumer.